'BIKERS' NITE, Pin Badges:
'BIKERS' NITE'  Pin Badge for 2023 available nearer Christmas time.
Pin Badges for everyone, but ideal for those who would rather give a one off contribution towards the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC) during the year instead of giving a weekly donation. It's also ideal for those who don't carry cash on them.  A new badge is produced every year making them collectable.
Make your car look far,  far, slicker,  get yourself a 'BIKERS' NITE' sticker!   These stunning static Cling Film Stickers will not leave a sticky mark on the glass when removed.  They're sy to apply,  great quality at a great price!  Sorry, SOLD OUT.
Only available from the 'BIKERS' NITE' Bike meets.
See Steph.

Although we have a Card Payment machine, Cash is still the prefered method of payment. At some of these bike meets there isn't a good mobile signal, making a card payment transaction unsuccessful.

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