Please read and follow these rules:
  • The 'BIKERS' NITE' Bike Meets will not be cancelled if it's raining...although if it's flooded we will have to change the venue go to a more suitable place.  You are welcome to come in the car instead. 
  • When you arrive, please go in the direction the Marshal(s) directs you, there will be a reason for it.
  • Please give a cash donation to those collecting for the MAAC when attending these bike meets or wear a current 'BIKERS' NITE' pin badge. (Our Card machine is not working.)
  • Only park along the roadside when the Car Park is full, if it's safe and legal to do so.
  • If parking on the road, please be aware that other road users need to get past including wide tractors with trailers.
  • Keep all neighboring driveways and entrances clear.
  • Never do Wheelies, Stoppies, Burn outs, excessive revving or generally show off at the bike meet or near the pub, or on your way home!
  • Never touch someone else's bike without their permission.
  • Please place your litter in the bin and return your empty glass to the pub or seating area.
  • Do not bring your own alcoholic drinks to these meets as this is violating the Landlord's license.
  • Please respect the location and neighboring villages by leaving quietly without excessive revving.
  • Enjoy the evening! Ride home safely and within the speed limits. Return the following week!
  • Always slow down and ride quietly past horses and cattle grazing near the road!
  • Always ride within your full stopping distance that you can see to be clear!

~ Participate entirely at your own risk. ~

The management or organiser will not accept responsibility or liability for any accidents, incidents, damage or loss incurred whilst travelling to or from, or attending these meets.

____________Thank you!____________

We do have a Card Payment Machine, but it needs a good mobile connection to operate, therefore at some of these pubs it doesn't always work. Best to bring CASH!

It's always good to hear about new pubs within a 16 mile radius of Cheltenham with a very large car park, especially around Bibury, Northleach, Andoversford, Withington area.

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