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We have presented a cheque for £17,000, the amount we raised last year,

to the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity Funds Manager, Nicole,

during our Wednesday evening bike meet on 24/04/24.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the bike meets and thank you 
to everyone who has bought a 'BN' pin badge or has given a donation to the
Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

Thank you for coming to the Bike Meets and for supporting this vital service.

RE: BIKE MEET on Wed, 13/09/23 
Joseph has bravely had his long hair shaved off to raise funds for Cancer Research. His long ponytail was sent to the Princess Trust who make wigs for children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer and other illnesses. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and for supporting Joe throughout the evening. We collected almost £500. 

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